Monday, July 28, 2014

The Return of the...Wonderful People that I Love!

Dear Family,

Who remembers Cristian and Tatiane? Anyone? They were that couple we found my first days in Ouro Fino that went to the baptism with us, accepted a baptism date, and were super excited...and then randomly and suddenly moved to Paraná. Well--guess what! They're back! And Heavenly Father lead me to them! President Farnes had us all read the story of Alma going back to Amonihah (is that what it is in english? No judging, I don't read the scriptures in english anymore) and then pray to know who the Lord would have us return to. Well, we did that. And I thought of Cristian and Tatiane, but I knew (or thought I knew) that they moved. So I told Sister Ward, "Look, I'm only thinking of this one family, but they don't live here anymore. But maybe there's a new family living there, and we should visit them." Soooo....we went. And they MOVED BACK! And Heavenly Father knew it, so he took us there!!! 

See, this is what's cool about being a missionary. It's not our work. It's His.

Well, we haven't actually been able to teach them yet, which is a bummer. But I know Heavenly Father has something special planned for them! 

I told you a little about Sergio and Serginho (haha, Bob and Bobbi. I like it). Mom, in Portuguese if you add -inho or -inha to the end of any word, it makes it smaller. So it's Sergio and his son, Sergio. Little Sergio. Serginho. :) 

Good news! Sergio was baptized! Serginho's not ready yet, but he's getting there! He had a little relaspe and started smoking again....but he's going to stop now. As a matter of fact, we made a deal. I can't eat chocolate this week, and he can't smoke. I think I'll keep going with it until his body's not addicted to it anymore--that's just two weeks, right? Let's face it, not eating chocolate is probably a good decision for me anyway. 

Sergio's baptism was perfect! He was so excited, so happy. I have some photos I can send you! Woohoo, photos! I'll send it in a separate email--I had to ask for the owner of the computer place to send it to me first. Last night we talked to him more about the temple, and he's really excited. His first wife (and Serginho's mom) died of breast cancer when Serginho was little. He married again, but now they're divorced. When we taught him about the Plan of Salvation, he learned that he really can live with her again...and now we know that they will. Really, really special! 

Well, I am OUT OF TIME. Gotta go, but I love you all! Hope you have a great week! 

Sister Fuller

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