Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Endure to the End, which is Life Eternal"‏

May 19, 2014
Hey Family, 

Wow, I skimmed your emails really sounds like this week's been incredible! I'm so happy for you all, and especially for Devin. Dev, learn everything you can from the temple now. And the doctrine of Christ. Which really is the same thing as the Plan of Salvation. AAAAH I love the gospel!

This week we met an INCREDIBLE couple, Tatiane and Cristian. We marked a baptismal date, and taught them every day this week. They progressed SO MUCH. Until Sunday....we went there and they left a cute little note at the door (literally--she drew little hearts and put stickers on it) that said thank you so much for all we had taught them, but they wanted to continue in their church. AAAAH! I hate Satan!!!! Don't worry, we know we have the truth. And the Spirit. And the Lord is on our side, so....basically, it's all going to work out! But feel free to pray for them :) With LOTS of faith!

Other exciting news--we got an email from President Martins, and the Area Presidency decided to let ALL of our mission go to the special devotional with Elder Nelson!! So on Wednesday, we're going to São Paulo to see ELDER NELSON!!! I'm so excited!!! 

Anyway, I'm out of time...but know that I love you all!!! 

Sister Fuller

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