Thursday, July 3, 2014

Drip, drip, drop little "april" showers...‏

May 26, 2014
Dear Family, 

This week has been wet! And chilly! (Don't laugh--it really has. Brazil doesn't know how to protect from the cold. feels colder than it is. can laugh a little)

Anyway. This week was good. :) Tuesday, we got in touch with that golden family I told you about--the ones that had left the note--and it turns out they had fought that day and just didn't want to talk to anyone...but they said that yes, they know it's true, and yes, they want us to come back. Whew! Well...wait for it. Wednesday we couldn't leave the house (I'll get to that story in a minute), Thursday they didn't answer the door. Friday, a 20ish year old boy came out and said he'd moved there that day....they moved!!!! Our investigators moved to another city in less than 3 days!!!!!! Pois é. Figures. 

But...we had an incredible miracle on Saturday! We finally had a breakthrough with a family we've been visiting, and the mom and her three girls came to church! And LOVED it! Vania was a referral from a recent convert from another ward. She's pretty confused about what to do religiously in her life. She was raised Catholic, and believes that baptism really is a commandment. But she feels that even though she learned good things in the Catholic church, that they lack authority to baptize. (Yes, those words left her mouth) She goes to another church now, that believes in reincarnation. But they don't believe in baptism, so she knows that can't be all right either. On Saturday, she told us that since she was taught the Restoration, she's felt that this had to be true. She's still divided because of the beliefs she knows she'd have to abandon if she was baptized in the church of Jesus Christ. But she knows it's true! So we talked to her about praying to know (and to do!) God's will, and not her's. He knows what's best for us. :) Yesterday at church, she integrated herself with members, participated in all of the classes, and the little girls (6, 9, 11 years old) looooved Primary. When they left Primary, the 9 year old asked, "Mom, are we going to get baptized in this church?" 
"Do you want to?" Vania responded.

AAAAAAHHH!!!! Vania said she still needs to pray...but she's going to get there!!! Pray for her please!!! 

Fun tidbits:
yesterday a cat entered the chapel through the window. Twice
Also yesterday, a member wanted to know my first name, so I told her to guess. She looked at me for a minute than said....
I....think that might be it. I gave a talk yesterday!
OH! Almost forgot! Remember that devotional with Elder Russel M. Nelson? Umm....canceled. Due to police riots or something ridiculous like that. Then we got grounded for the day, too, incase it got crazy. It didn't. So we just studied....and ate food. Haha, just what I needed. 

Love you!

Sister Fuller

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