Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Oh....what do you do in the summertime…"

June 2, 2014
Hey everyone! 

Oh....what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? (First thing that popped in my head. Sorry)

This week was good. Vânia works way too much and was in the hospital 3 days this week with a bad...throat something or another. I didn't really get it, but it sounded painful. So, there wasn't a lot of time for spiritual progression. We didn't even get to teach her, we just left notes and talked to her on the phone. She had something on Sunday so didn't come to church. :( But she's still solid, just busy. She's feeling better now too, by the way. 

This week we took in three more companionships of Sisters...which means 18 sisters to look over. I'm not really sure how this is possible, but we're trying to do as much as we can over the phone, and are starting up exchanges again. The way President wants it, we're not going to be able to do exchanges with all of them every 6 weeks, but....well, we're still figuring it out. There's not really any guidelines for how to be a Sister Training Leader. But guess what! Sister Christoffersen and Sister Pereira were both transferred last week (by the way, we had transfers. I stayed...surprise!) and now they're our Sisters!!! Woohoo!!!! So fun to have contact with people I love! 

We started a program with the ward called Elder and Sister Rocha. Each week, one family will take on the role of being the Rocha (Rock) family, and for that week they'll put in a more concentrated effort to being the best missionary family that they can. We help them make goals and plans, and work closely with them for that week. The objective is that every family will create a family mission plan that coincides with their interests, personalities, and schedules. The Lord uses all of us, and he wants us to be unique! The way we do missionary work will be as well. Our first week of it went great. We had a family that really just went at it! And this Sunday, we had a devotional to present it to the ward. At church, they announced that the special guest speakers "Elder and Sister Rocha" would be speaking to us. Haha. It was cute. The devotional was great, and everyone left really excited. (We hope so, anyways!) We're excited to see what it leads to! 

I love being with S. Vaughn because she's not afraid to try new things. President always says that if there's anything the inhibits our progress, it's habit. So we try to throw habit out the window a little bit. :) Or, maybe more accurately, we're always trying to add new things, and aren't afraid to throw out things that aren't working great. (Make new friends but keep the old, right?) 

Well. I do believe that's pretty much it for now. This week is ridiculously full of meetings, so it should be interesting! I hope you're all doing great. You're in my prayers!!!

Sister Fuller

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