Monday, August 4, 2014

Somos os Soldados :)

Dear wonderful people that I love,

Well, here's another week that's gone by. Doesn't time just fly? This week had a lot going on for us. Tuesday we had exchanges, and I saw my companion for a quick 5 minutes before we switched again. Wednesday was exchanges...guess what! Miracle! While I was in the other area, I ran into Sergio, our recent convert! Woohoo! We even had a quick lesson with the friend he was with! Tender mercies. :) Thrusday was normal, but Friday was leadership council. Most of the day was spent there or traveling--get this! We live so close now, we can walk there!!!! It takes about an hour, and saves money. Soooo we do it! Serving in Sorocaba has it's perks! 

Sad news. Cristian and Tatiane don't want anything yet. But I know Heavenly Father wanted us to find them, so maybe it was just to make sure we put them back in the Area Book for another missionary to find them. He has a plan for them! Serginho's moving along slowly...but he'll get there. Hey! Did I tell you about Mariana last week? I don't think we go! 

Mariana was a street contact. She passed her address, but said she was hardly ever there. "But just let God do his work", she told us. 

Well, we finally passed by when she was home, and we taught her about the Restoration. She understood really well, and we felt good about it, but she said she had a commitment in her church, and couldn't leave. So we started praying for a miracle! 

In case you're wondering, Heavenly Father works by miracles. Now I'd like to talk about a little miracle that's available to all of us...the Book of Mormon! 

We left the Book of Mormon with her, and told her to read and pray, etc...all those good things. Well, she read the chapter we marked. Then she read it again! Then apparently, she liked it so much, she read it out loud to her husband! (It's already going great, but just wait...) Then, she started at the beginning and read until chapter 20 of 1 Nephi. And all of this in 3 or 4 days. 

Well, that was just the begining. Just think about whatever you think would happen with a golden investigator, and that's probably what happened with Mariana. She's incredible!! She'll be baptized this month. :) 

I don't have a lot of time, but I want you all to know how much I love you! Big, big hugs from across the world! 

So crazy that Keaton's going home! I thought he had two weeks. Haha (....and then there were 3)

Thanks for your emails! Love you all! 

Sister Fuller

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