Thursday, July 3, 2014

Maio, Maio, Maio....isn't that just fun to say?‏

May 5, 2014
Hey, everyone!

It's May! Happy May! Karalee, happy almost birthday!!! 

This week, I had a really neat experience of acting on a prompting. We had a little bit of time, and decided to go visit a recent convert family. As we walked there, we talked about what we'd share with them, and practiced a little. (My companion's learning portuguese, so a little more important than usual. But practices are always important, so...) We got there, sat down, and I was looking at the couple...and I just thought. What do they really need to hear? So I said a quick prayer, and as we chatted with them, I felt the spirit move me to another direction than what we had planned. We said a prayer and started the lesson, and then as I looked the woman, Silvana, in the eyes, I had the thought, "tell her how much I love her". So I did. And as I talked to her, I found myself making specific promises about how the Lord wanted to bless her, and help her with trials she was facing. Then Silvana started to cry, and opened up to us. She said that she's been feeling so weak lately, and hasn't felt like anything has been going right. She said she'd be thinking God didn't love her anymore, and had told her husband a little before we had stopped by that she was going to give up. She opened up and told us what her struggles were, and every single one matched up to a promise I had given her. The spirit was so strong, and then S. Mills shared a story and a scripture about how the Lord consecrates our trials for our good. We left, a little awed. Heavenly Father truly had used us to be in the right place and the right time, and to share with His precious daughter what He needed to be said. 

I thought about it--as missionaries, we're always looking for someone to visit and to help. So because that's our desire, Heavenly Father can guide us to where He needs us to be. But then I think of when I was home, and how often I was in that same frame as mind. It sure wasn't as often as it is now! But really, stopping to think about how I can serve others...that needs to be something I always have time for. Because if I'm not thinking about it, how will He be able to use me? It'll take a little more yelling from the Spirit. :) So I've made that a goal for when I get home--to try to think more outwards, instead of inwards, and to try to think more of what good I can do than of what I want of need. Pode cobrar, tá bom? (I tried a good 2 minutes to translate that, and couldn't think of what it is...and we're pretty much out of time. Sorry) You can...make me do that. Keep on my...heels? Toes? I know there's an expression about that. Anyway, moving on....

Next week I might be going to the temple!!!! I don't think I need to explain to anyone how excited I am about that!!! I hope you have a great week, Scott---do something special for my sister, ok? Aaaaand...until Mother's day!!! Aaaaaah!! 

Sister Fuller 


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