Thursday, July 3, 2014

Goodbye to President Martins!

June 23, 2014

Hey everyone! 

This week was GREAT! I can't believe Devin and Dalton are both in the MTC now. So exciting! When does Karin leave? Devin's been in pretty much all of my personal prayers this week, as well as all of you at home. I hope you're doing well! 

I decided to do something a little differently for my email this week. Who's ready for a play by play? (As time allows. We've got 10 minute!) 

Monday: Preparation day, but with four lessons and four new investigators! Woohoo! All of our plans had fallen through, and we decided to visit a contact from the other day, who passed a referral of their neighbor, who gave a referral of their neighbor...and so it went. It was wonderful.

Tuesday:We had until 3:00 to work because of the World Cup. So we went out running!! We had a lesson with Vânia first thing, which was perfect. We marked a new baptism date with her, and she's feeling really good about it! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and her daughters were asking us questions about things the kids at school were saying. "Is it true that after we die, we can be born again as a man?" We talked to them about our divine natures as daughters of God. It was soooo special--we told them that Heavenly Father was our Heavenly King (nothing's translating right today, sorry.) and told them that they were his daughters. We asked them, "Do you know what daughters of Kings are called?" and they looked up at us with excitement in their eyes. "Princesses?" 

AWWWWWWW. Hahaha it was very cute, really. 

But Vânia is set on her course, is living the word of wisdom, and is excited. WOOHOO!!! Please feel free to continue praying for her :) I felt the difference this week! 

Wednesday: We got up early to go to Multi-Zone Conference...and President and Sister Martin's "Goodbye". (There's a really good word for that in Portuguese. I don't think we have that in English) Sister Vaughn and I were responsible to give the training for all of the Sisters, and HOLY COW are there a ton of them! I've never seen this many Sisters in my life! (Except in the MTC, clearly. Sidenote: We redivided what areas we're over--we adopted 3 more areas and lost Cerquilho). We spent the part of Tuesday that we were stuck at home praying and planning for what we'd share, and we were really blessed to feel the Spirit guiding us. It was more or less based on that one quote by Elder Holland that......ok. You can find it in PMG chapter 1, under the subtitle of following up or something along those lines. Read it. Love it. Then go apply it. :) We talked about how to teach with power and testimony, and then how to use that same power to effectively follow up. Obviously, the spirit doesn't inspire me in English anymore. Sorry. But it really was good!

We said goodbye to President and Sister Martins, which still feels surreal. I sure do love them. 

Thursday: We worked hard, visited Vânia, had a couple of good lessons with some other people...and that's all we have time to say

Friday:Another good day! LAILA'S LIVING THE WORD OF WISDOM!!! She's doing so great! It's incredible to see her faith growing like this!

Saturday: Y'all ready for this? We taught 16 lessons, and found 14 new investigators. Whaaaaat. That would be my new record! (Not that it's about numbers, but it's fun to be able to see the fruits of our labors!) 

Sunday: We visited a less active woman we had discovered on Saturday with some women from the ward (she hasn't had contact with the church for 40 years). She fell away because she started smoking...but 5 days before we found her, she decided to stop! And did it! WOW. Her 10 and 11 year old granddaughters live with her, and one of the women who visited them with us took them to a church activity! The girls loved it, and are saying they want to be baptized. We'll see where this goes!!! 

Well...I am out of time. This week looks like it'll be full of miracles, and we're so excited!!!! I love you all! 

Sister Fuller

Sure love President and Sister Martins!

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