Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Proud to be an American!

Dear loved ones, 

How has your week been? I hope you're doing great! 

Sorry about last week. There's been a lot going on in these last few weeks, and there wasn't enough time to write to both you guys and to President...he wanted to have all the major changes start at the same time, so he asked us to email him our ideas. These last few weeks have broken the norm of missionary life! We said goodbye to President and Sister Martins, and we really will miss them. And then the Farnes family arrived, and there were all sorts of events with that! I did actually write you a letter, so I won't say everything I already wrote...but I feel so blessed that they've really just hit the ground running. My greatest regret (not really the word I want) is that I just won't be able to stay with them for 18 more months. They've done a great job at helping all of us to feel like we're getting to know them already, and are so inspiring. I'm so excited to learn from them! Mom asked me to tell you more about them...the story of their lives, I think Google could do better than me. I've just been so impressed with how their family puts the Lord first in all of their decisions, and are so united. I love them! 

The skimpy email last week really wasn't a lack of things to say, just a lack of time. Sorrysorrysorry. Vania's baptism was perfect--one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission! She was so prepared to take this step. Her father and ex-husband, and his father were there to support Vania and the girls, and we definitely felt the presence of angels there to support her. Actually, her blessing when she was confirmed talked about the people on the other side of the veil that were preparing for and waiting for this moment, so that she could help them to progress towards slavation. It was a blessing very, very special! She was promised that she'd be a great instrument in the hands of the Lord and a great help in bringing the gospel for all those in her family. It was so special...she's doing great. She's taking the girls to Primary activities that Sister Vaughn and I didn't know existed to work on the "Faith in God", and she told us that the girls always are messing with the Church site and watching the videos. Cute :) 

Mom also asked about Sister Training Leader updates...well, things should be changing again this week, but these last few weeks we've been over 10 companionships. Which is a lots of exchanges! But it's been really great. Last week, in between exchanges and conferences and who knows what was happening, Sister Vaughn and I were together for the first time on Thursday. Craziness! Oh, World Cup. That's the other complicating factor. But we play tomorrow, and I think then on Sunday....and then it's over! I'll be honest, I've really like extra study time. Haha. 

Well, here's the biggest news: President Farnes feels like it's good to know about transfers before Preparation day is over so we can, you know, prepare for it. Woohoo! So they called this morning. And actually, the assistants called just now as well to change it. Pois é... (it didn't affect me, just Sister Vaughn)

I'm staying! And my new companion will be Sister Ward. (Someone tell Aunt Krista!) If you remember, she's from New Canan, and is in the same group as Sister Christoffersen and Sister Mills and half the other Sisters in our mission. (It's a really big group!) I'm so excited!!!!! Also, we're going to divide our area, so two new Sisters are coming in.(More interestingly, we'll be dividing our house...woot woot! Experiences!) They're both currently companions, and they'll come here to open Pq. Ouro Fino 2...and they're both currently in Mont Serrat. It's a small world after all...oh, also Sister Ward is coming from Cerquilho!!! Hahahahaha. That's actually pretty funny. We're just missing someone from Santana then! 

Well family, that's about it. Hang in there until next week...we'll have a couple new stories for you. Preview: We started teaching Eliana and Antonio! Eliana was less active for many years, and just started coming back. Antonio's not a member, but for the first time since she's been baptized, he's coming with her to church! Woohoo!!! Prayers welcomed!!! 


Sister Fuller :)

P.S. I never tied in the Subject line. Oops. :) Sister Ward is an American, clearly. This 7th american companion out of 9 total! Gente, this isn't normal in Brazil! But yes, it's official. I'm proud to be an American! 

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