Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracle Retention Week!

Ok, don't be mad. It's Carnaval so EVERYTHING is closed, and the place we're using doesn't have I have less time to actually write! But this week was incredible! We were trying really hard to help all of our miracles from last week to progress. We also spent two days in São Paulo to take care of Sister Cristoffersen's visa. Sidenote--I successfully made it from here to the Sister's house in Santana (São Paulo) without any complications! Dude!!! How cool is that! And then to the Polícia Federal, and then...we just followed the Elders back. Haha. But so cool, we felt like grown ups :) 

First off--I just LOVE being a missionary! It is literally the best calling in the world, and the very best way to be spending my time!!!!! I love it!!!!

Do you wanna hear some of our miracles from this week?? We'll just do bullet points again...
  • I think it should start with the fact I didn't get lost :) 
  • Cleusa, Bernabé, and Tiago (the family that prayed about us and everything) came to church yesterday. They loved every second of it, and participated in all of the classes. Then it was testimony meeting...Cleusa was sitting next to a member and asked her if she was allowed to go up. The member took her by the hand and went up with her, where Cleusa told everyone that God had sent us to her as an answer to her prayers, and that she already feels the difference in her life. Then she started talking about how they've been to so many churches , searching for something more, and that finally, she believes that she's found the true church! We set baptismal dates with all of them :)
  • A less active man told everyone in Gospel Principles about how last month he noticed that after we ate lunch with his mother, we asked to use a room to go pray and start our fast. Such a small, simple thing. But he started thinking about how long it had been since he's fasted, and thoughts about his past experiences in the church and on his own mission started coming to his head. He said he's not been able to stop thinking about it! Then, getting emotional, he said, "So the fast they started that day has been having its fruits." 
  • Marcos (the less active man we've started visiting) came to church again! 
  • Sonia came to church and the members made friends with her!!! 
  • President and Sister Martins came to our Sacrament Meeting. And it was PERFECT. Miracle :)

And a funny. In Gospel Principles the teacher asked, "Who knows the name of a prophet?" (Going for Adam, Moses, Noah) and our investigator raised his hand, "Joseph!" 

Hahahaha. Yesssss. :) 

Anyway, I love you all so much! Happy march!!

Sister Fuller

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