Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Santana de Parnaíba!!!

Oi família!!! E todos minhas pessoas tão queridas!!!!

I love you all!!! I hope you've all had a great week. It sounds like St. Louis has had some pretty crazy weather! The weather's getting a lot better here. Holy cow, I'm so grateful. I'm pleased to say I never take "less hot" for granted. I will never forget January 2014...

So this week was transfer week. And, being the queen of unexpected missionary life twists, I pulled another crazy one out of the hat. I'm with Sister Pereira again!!!! 

I know it. We just work really well together :) 

Our area is Santana de Parnaíba, which actually covers three cities. (So if I thouht I was poor before...goodbye money! Hello buses!) I'm pretty sure it might be the largest area in the mission. It was recently turned into a Sisters area and it's so, so good! The members are incredible. They always are inviting people to church, which is a constant source of new investigators! We had14 investigators at church yesterday! The last Sister that was here actually just went home because of some serious health problems, which had made them almost incapable of leaving the house last transfer. So we're almost literally starting from scratch--on wednesday we only had 2 investigators. But our teaching pool has quickly increased, and as we've been fasting and praying for the Lord to help us find those who are ready, we have had some incredible experiences!! I'm serious, my testimony of fasting has become so strong the last 2 months. 
  • Aline--she showed up at church by herself. One of the first things she said to us was, "I want to get baptized". She had met with the Elders 2 years ago, and hadn't been baptized because her family didn't support her. They had gone as far to burn her Book of Mormon. But she says she hasn't been able to stop thinking about it, and wants to be baptized more than anything. So we're going to help her! She's living with her Dad now, and he's actually receptive as well!
  • We found 7 people just through doing contacts that have already been to church before!!!
  • We received a referral from the Zone Leaders of a man they had talked to on the bus. It's a couple (Antonio and Marli) with two little boys. (3 months and almost 3 years) They live in one of the cities ridiculously far away, so we got a really great couple from the ward to give us a ride and visit this family with us. They were so receptive! We were talking about Prophets and Antonio told us about his theory--it doesn't make sense for God to only have called prophets in Jerusalem. He thinks God must have called prophets in other parts of the world too, just that we don't know about them because they weren't written about in the Bible! :) He said, "there must have been prophets in Africa, in Spain--probably here in the Americas too!!" I can not even tell you how excited they were about the Book of Mormon. They really, really got it! Aaaaaaah I love that what we teach is TRUE!!!!!
  • The two investigators we started with--Rogério and Cristina--are so great! They have a little daughter named Clara, who loves the Sisters :) They came to church, and looooved it. So much. And it was wonderful!
  • We met with Eliane, the "wife" of a less active man. We honestly are just the happy Sisters who lucked out to be here at the right time--they were already planning on getting married, and she's been coming to church for years. But on Saturday they marked their wedding date in the Cartório! (I still haven't learned how to say that in English. But it's the place you can get legally married! haha) So then we marked a baptism date too, for the day after. Woohoo!!!!!!! 
I'm really liking bullet points lately, they're so handy. But yes, we are seeing MIRACLES and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I have the best calling in the whole wide world. Everyone should be a missionary. Ok? Ok. :) 

Have a great week!

Sister Fuller

P.S. Here's some fun speculation for you...there's a planned special transfer next week. They've made a new rule that the visa waiters who've been in the states for 4 months or more will come stay in the São Paulo MTC for 14 days once they get their visa. The first of them got here, and will be coming to the mission next week. So apparently Pres. Martins told S. Pereira (and also the Zone Leaders) that with this special transfer, he's going to divide our enormous area. So, just so you know...we're actually only companions again for 2 weeks. Less. But we're going to make it count!

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