Monday, March 24, 2014


Dad!!! Happy late birthday! I love you so much!!!!! And Devin--happy early birthday!!!! Awwww I love you both so much. What I would give to be able to hug you both right now...but hey, let's not get trunky. :) Anyway, I'll be writing you today, and I'm going to find a post office in this little city, I promise! (Sister Pereira should know. Maybe. haha)

Dear everyone else, 

This week was INCREDIBLE! I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again....I LOVE being a missionary. So much. I never want to do anything else. (Ok, maybe not...I really do plan on seeing you all someday. Then we're just going to all be missionaries together!!! YIPEE!!!) I can't even explain how much happiness comes seeing someone just really get it! Did I tell you about Marli and Antonio last week? I can't even remember. Oops, yes I did. I just checked my sent mail. Anyway, they are so incerdible! After that first visit, things just got better and better. They believe it, they just do! They have been to so many churches, and have ended up so confused, and then one day talked as a couple and decided they needed to start praying specifically for God to show them the truth. Then one day, Antonio was coming home from work in another city, and saw the Elders at the bus stop, and he went over to talk to them! He said he wanted to know who they were, and what they were doing. And then in his happy Antonio little way, he started peppering them with questions. The Elders (fubecas) didn't ask for his adress that day, but the next day they were there again, he talked to them again, and they wrote down the adress and passed it to us! :) So yes, then we visited them and everything that I told you last week...and this week, they've just progressed a ton! They're reading the Book of Mormon and know it's true, and have such an excitement and thirst for learning more. I love them so much!!!! 

Rogério and Cristina are going to get baptized!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! :) I LOVE THIS FAMILY WITH MY WHOLE HEART. Literally, I've felt love for our investigators before, without a question. But this family is really special! Opa, I just remembered. Do you remember what I told you about Aline, the woman who showed up at church out of nowhere and says that she wanted to get baptized? It turns out that she is 100% nuts. Nuts. We were in her house was exciting. She was screaming and attacking the washing machine and ripping down curtains...but a harmless nuts, because she likes us. It's actually really sad, and her Dad said that 2 years ago, she wasn't like this. Really sad. But also kind of hilarious--for example, she showed up at church again and walked into Relief Society late. She found a spot, kneeled down and crossed herself, and then started to pray...I will admit, it was hard not to laugh. No one really knew how to react....but hey, at least she wants to do what's right!

We also had parts of 2 other families we're teaching at church! I love it so much. We are finding and teaching families, and more than ever I'm learning how to testify to them openly and clearly about why they need what we have. I really do know that it's true, and I feel such an urgency to help other people to feel that for themselves. 

Sister Pereira and I have really enjoyed our last week together. She's really grown so much, and is such a powerful and strong missionary. I love's been a blessing to be with her again! Tomorrow I'll meet my new companion. President didn't tell me which one it'll be, but he said all three of the Sisters that arrived have already served for a big chunk of time in the States. My job will be to help her perfect her Portuguese. Don't worry, the irony's not lost on me. :) I'm determined to actually help with that! I learned with Sister Cristoffersen what a temptation it is to speak in English, but it's true--the language really is a part of the calling. I was called here and I was called to speak Portuguese. So I better learn as much as I can! (That's another thing that's fun about being with S. Pereira...she speaks a ton of slang and things--not that I'll use it, but it's good to understand it!) And I know the Lord will help us. Maybe we'll speak English sometimes inside of our house sometimes...I want to still be able to communicate with my companion and develop a relationship in the first few days! Oh, but actually, President said that there's been a little bit of a delay with the new house in Povilho, so the 4 of us (3 americans and 1 brazilian) will be living in the same house for 3-4 days. Yippee!  (But I love S. Pereira too much to speak English with them in front of her, so I guess we'll hold off on that one too)

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Fuller

P.S. Just one more fun little detail that is not even important--do you remember that one actor who's Max (I think that's the name) in Get Smart? He's also in the office...well, I found out something. He's actually Brazilian. And he's my ward mission leader. SERIOUSLY, I will get a photo one day...but even more than appearance are the mannerisms and they way he talks. It's identical, and...oh bother, if you could see me now. I can't even write about it without laughing! It's SO FUNNY! 

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