Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finalmente Abril!!!!

Dear Family, 

Doesn't Abril just sound so much nicer than Março? I'm so excited. Which is hilarious, because normally April's only exciting because it's spring and flowers and warmer weather. Whereas, here it's finally cooling off! Let's be serious for a second--I actually kind of want a t-shirt that says "I Survived January 2014", and then something about Salto on it. HOT. But so much better. Lucky Sister Mills. 

Oh yeah! (haha) I have a new companion! Aaaaand...it's an American! (I think that's kind of my thing now. Out of my 7 companions, only 2 have been Brazilians. And that's only counting Sister Garner once!) She is also from Mesa, AZ, but she didn't know S. Garner. Wait, did I tell you all that S. Garner and I are in the same zone?? If not, we are. And it's the best thing ever! Ok, sorry pretty spazy today. But Sister Mills actually already graduated from ASU and wants to go back and study law after the mission. She entered the MTC the same day as S. Cristoffersen (but doesn't know her either), so served almost 9 months in the Billings Montana Mission. She's speaking really great portuguese already! It's pretty fun. She also has a blog that probably has letters that are a lot better than mine, which issistermills.blogspot.com

The new apartment in Povilho for Sister Pereira and her new companion Sister Armstrong (from Dallas, TX) wasn't ready yet, so they've been staying with us all week. They actually just moved out this morning. But it's been super fun, kind of like a big huge slumber party! Missionary style. :) But it's so fun to have our little foursome working in the same ward. We're just a little happy family....and we're going to be able to help so many more people now!! WOOOHOO! 

And that leads to our other exciting news!!! Cristina was baptized on Saturday! And she's incredible, and I love her. (But I left my camera at home, so pictures will have to wait, sorry!) And what's even better is that now her husband, Rogério, wants to get baptized too!! 

Well....I'm going to have to go. But I hope you all have a great week! Love you so much! 

Sister Fuller

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