Monday, January 6, 2014

Haaaaappy New Year! (again)

Dear Family, 

We had another great week here in Salto! The Mont Serrat ward is INCREDIBLE and I'm in love.... :) This week was the baptism of Irmã Sonia!!!! Remember I told you about her last week? It's been so great, because her whole family is coming back to the church because of her decision to follow the Savior, and be baptized. It was really, really special. What's ever neater is that it was our very own Thiago that performed the ordinance! After his baptism last Saturday, he was interviewed by the Bishopric and that Sunday, he recieved the Preisthood. And on Saturday, exactly one week after his own baptism, he baptized Irmã Sonia. And it was perfect!!! We all felt the spirit so strongly. Leide, Thiago´s girlfriend/fiancee (I'm pretty sure it's not official yet, but they're planning on getting married), was so touched by it all. You can see it in her eyes--all of this is an answer to her prayers, and seeing Thiago just loving everything about the gospel like he is really is a miracle. He also blessed the Sacrament on Sunday, so that was special. :) 

Yesterday was ridiculously awesome. They were a couple of things that I've been praying about all week that I just received answers to, plainly and clearly, as if Heavenly Father just handed them to me. It was really special. One of them was a "small" thing, about the logistics of our day. Earlier that week, Sister Pereira had mistakenly told me that the couple we'd eat lunch with on Sunday lived close to the Chapel, so we marked our appointments around that. ButSaturday night, she remembered that she was thinking of a different family, and that where we'd actually go was on the other side of the city-- 1 1/2--2 hours walking from all of our appointments. Clearly, that wouldn't be the best way to use our time that is so precious. So I prayed and I prayed and I prayed...I really, really hate to waste time, so this really was something more important to me. I started thinking of what we could do--maybe rearrange a couple of visits, maybe ask a member for a ride, etc. And so we planned, and went at it. We were on our way walking to a house of a member after lunch when I wasn't paying attention and almost walked into a bus that was driving by...but it caught the drivers attention, and he waved at us. We waved back (we had already talked to him before a little, too) and he started motioning to us. "Do you want to get in?" "No, we don't have money" (true, and easier to say than we don't spend money on Sundays) "Come, get in!" 

Soooo...we got a ride for free from a BUS. This doesn't happen, just so you know! But we talked to the driver and invited him to church, etc...and hopefully the spirit will help him to decide to visit next week! But it was neat. I know that Heavenly Father hears, and answers our prayers. And I know that the miracles come after the trial of our faith--when we've done all we know how. 

Well, I'm out of time. And this computer can't send another week to wait! Sorry! Love you all so much!

Sister Fuller

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