Monday, January 20, 2014

Count Your Blessings!

Dear everyone,

How's it going? So good to hear from so many of you. I treasure every email/letter/whatever it is that allows you to communicate with me! 

Things are chuggin´ along here, just like is really, really good, and we're being so blessed. I'm getting to know more of the members in the ward, which is great. I love this ward. So much. :) Oh, here's an interesting tidbit--missionaries are almost always the backup speakers when people don't show up to church. So normal...and happily, I'm getting used to speaking on a moments notice! But yesterday, the Bishop came up to me and asked me to speak 5 minutes before church started. Sure, no problem...only to walk in and realize that both the stake president and a member of the 70 were sitting on the stand. Bahaha. I was a little nervous, I'll confess. But it went well! Lots of prayer, and a little inspiration during the sacrament, and I decided to stick with the basics and talk about the importance of covenants/obedience.  I'm grateful for the moments I have that show me that really and truly, the Lord is on my side. I may not be as qualified as other people to do everything I need to as a missionary, but when I trust in the Lord, he accepts my small offering, and consecrates it for His purposes. 

Do you remember our miracle of the bus driver who gave us a ride last Sunday? We had left him a pass along card with a short testimony and an invitation to learn about the gospel...and he called us!!! (This never happens.) "Hello? Is this the blond missionary or the brunette?" (I'm blond now. Blegh) hahaha. It was really exciting. 

This week I was the tiniest bit unwell the first couple days (not sick. Don't freak out) and it made it a little harder to keep going at certain moments. But I prayed to recognize opportunities to serve others, and I was really blessed! We ate lunch with a woman from the ward, and I felt that maybe she was a little overwhelmed or sad or something. So for our thought, I changed what we had planned and shared a scripture I had read that morning--I think D&C 64:33? But she started crying, and opened up to what was bothering her, and just using the scriptures I'd studied the day before, we were able to help her to feel the love of the Lord, and know how she should continue through her struggles. I really do have a testimony that when I am struggling, there will always be someone who I can help. Sometimes, it's because of our trials that we're able to be there for others, and really sympathize with them. I'm grateful for all I'm learning on my mission. It's not easy, and many times I feel stretched farther than I've ever been before...and then comes the moment where I exercise my faith, and see the hand of the Lord set things right. We're not alone, not ever. And as we participate together in this great work,with all of our diligence and faith, we will have the help of the "Lord of the vineyard" at our side (Jacob 5). I'm grateful for my Savior, and for His great love for us. 

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Fuller

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