Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Ano Novo!

Dear Family, 

It was sooo good to talk to you on Wednesday! We had a great Christmas, very non traditional. Lots of talking to people, and sharing the story of Christ's birth as told in the Book of Mormon. Oh, haha--we did end up singing on the bus. Sister Pereira kind of wanted to die, but it was just too perfect! The didn't have the radio on, everyone was just sitting there looking, and I just wanted to sing. So we asked the bus driver for permission, stood at the front, and I just anounced who we are, etc and a little bit about the doctrine of Christ. And we told them we were going to sing. So we "went caroling" (as close as I'm going to get to it in Brazil) and sang hymns, and then invited them all to learn more and gave them passalong cards with the address to the church on them. Some people were legitimately interested! Others just thought we were nuts. But it was fun :) 

This week was Thiago's baptism! I can't send photos today because of the computers we're using, but I'll try next week. Stinkin´obnoxious, all the places are closed because of New Year´s. 

Thiago is INCREDIBLE. His girlfriend is a member in a nearby ward, and had told him a little about the church. She gave him a Book of Mormon (in English, cause it was all she had) and he started reading, and asking questions. One day, he just showed up at Church here in Salto, all by himself! He had thought he knew where it was, and the day before had driven by to check. Without saying anything to Leide, he just went to church. The Sisters talked to him, and they taught him about the Restoration that Tuesday. The next day, I arrived and we started teaching him! He didn't have one single problem, and his testimony is incredible. Incredible, I've never seen anything like it. He believes in the restored gospel, and will defend it to everyone! His baptism was really, really special, especially because it was so special to him. What's more, Thiago and Leide are just so happy that now they're going to prepare to get married in the temple! 

Another investigator that I've quickly fallen in love with is Sonia. She's the wife of a man who's coming back to church. We started teaching her my first full day here, and she told us that in the last couple weeks, she started reading the Book of Mormon on her own! She has a testimony of it, which is sooo important. Her situation is a little difficult because she takes care of her 88+ year old dad, and can't leave him alone to go to church...and it's been ridiculously difficult to find permanent solutions. But she wants to get baptized, and she wants to see her whole family together at Church--and together for all eternity. :) 

I loooove you all!! So much!! Have a great couple of days--and a happy new year!

Sister Fuller

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