Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy December!!

It's not December. There's no way. But I'll play along for now....

Dear Family, friends, etc--

How's it going? Cerquilho's still doing great. Sister Garner is the world's greatest blessing, and I'm so happy to be serving here with her. This week we had zone conference in Sorocaba, which was awesome! President and Sister Martins truly are inspired. For the Blairs--I met Sister Ward!! We took a picture that I'll try to's not showing up on the computer right now. But as always, I love to learn what it is that President wants us to do! I know he really is recieving revelation for us, and when we apply what he teaches us we always will see results. So that was good. :) 

Follow up--Izilda is still awesome! She's pretty confused about things right now, which is sad to see, but she really wants to know the truth. Last week I commented to her that Irmã Lourdes (member) lives on the next street over, and one day she went searching for her to have someone to talk to and to ask her to read the Book of Mormon for her. (Remember, she had eye surgery recently). She even found another Lourdes first, but "she wasn't mormon" so Izilda kept looking! 

We're teaching a woman named Silvia who is the happiest person I've ever met in my life! Before she said the closing prayer she asked, "But are you going to sing another hymn first?" (normally we don't) and Sister Garner said, "Do you want us to?" to which she perked up and responded, "Yes, please!" Haha. She's the greatest! She wants to get baptized, but needs to get married first--which is the problem. They were married in a church, but not legally, and now her "husband" doesn't want to. But we have faith that as we keep praying and she keeps reading the Book of Mormon and showing that she wants it, Heavenly Father will touch his heart. Same as what happened with Linda and Al, in Ava! Without a doubt the Lord will provide a way for us to obey His commandments :) (Awkward moment when I can't remember the words to the scripture in English! 1 Nephi 3:7. Whaaaat is happening!) 

One of our greatest sources of joy right now is Angelica. She's INCREDIBLE! I think I mentioned that I have an irrational fear of stopping men on the streets to talk to them...and also old people. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I'm trying to get over it. Haha so one day, a couple weeks ago, we talked to Reginaldo, who's both a man and the slightest bit old! (ok, so only mid 50s. But whatever) He immediately confirmed my fear: "Hello, girls! You're very pretty!" Ok...let's talk about the gospel now. Hahaha. Anyway, it turned into the longest contact ever (15 minutes?) where he told us that his family really did need the gospel, and that he and his wife were separating, and going through a bunch of other really hard things. We talked about how the gospel helps us, read from the Book of Mormon, and actually ended up giving him one there on the street. But he really wanted us to visit his wife--who is Angelica. She's really the sweetest person I've ever met, and going through a really hard time right now. She just glitters, and is so full of love. Everytime we see her on the street she sticks her whole torso outside the car and arms waving calls, "Sisters!! Oi, Sisters!!!" It's so dang cute! Haha. But she really, really understands what we teach her. She believes in it, too! She's reading everything we mark for her in the Book of Mormon, and she's having her own spiritual experiences. We had marked Alma 7 for her to read, and she told us that when she read verse 15, she just started crying. She has a hard time distinguishing when she's feeling the Spirit and when it's "just her", so we read Moroni 10:6-8, and talked about how we all feel it's influence differently. I love her....

Funny/interesting story--the other day we realized we were being followed by a man in a truck. Naturally, we were a little freaked out...finally, he pulled up next to us and told us that he had been following us even longer than we knew!! Uh....what?? Hahaha but it turned out to be a crazy "coincidence"--he saw us, wanted to talk to us, but didn't. Then he was in his car and saw us again--and decided that he'd try to talk to us this time! We marked down his address and said we'd stop by the next day. So with a lot of prayer that he wouldn't be creepy, we went...and he actually really, really wants to learn about the gospel!!! His name is Isaías, and he's SUPER receptive. And he really belives in what we told him. So that's kind of cool! 

Well, I'm out of time. But I love you all, and hope you're all doing great! Have an awesome week!

Sister Fuller

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