Monday, November 25, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas??

Ummm...don't hate me. 8 minutes to write. I had a lot to say to Presidente, and it has to be in Portuguese, so I can't just copy and paste, sorry!!!

Dear Family, 

Happy week of Thanksgiving!! I LOVE serving with Sister Garner because the holidays can mean something here. Still not a lot, but we can talk about it...and dream about what we'd eat if we were at home. Haha we're pretty sad. But it's fun. Sister Garner really is the best! She's always positive and optimistic, and it's SUCH a blessing to me! I'm learning a ton from her. 

This week we had another miracle with Izilda! Remember her? She was a referral from a different referral that we recieved from a contact on the street. She had eye surgery recently and was a little depressed one day, and prayed asking for God to send her an angel. And in the miraculous string of events that lead to her, we showed up at her door that same day. She has family that's living in the US right now that are all members of the church, and she has a super old edition of the Book of Mormon that her mom had given to her before she had passed away.

This week, we stopped by and her ENTIRE FAMILY that are members of the church were visiting from the US--just that day, and only for a couple of hours. But we had decided to stop by (nothing irregular in our thoughts--just planning. Which shows you that the Spirit really does work through simple things, and rewards us for our diligence!) 

Anyway, we taught her and her husband with the whole family there, and it was wonderful. We sang "I am a Child of God" and she started crying...the Spirit was so strong. And everyone bore their testimonies to her, and it was just a really special moment!

And then, since they were visitng from the US....THEY GAVE SISTER GARNER AND I REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!! I was so ridiculously happy. Seriously. 

But I love you all!!! Thinking of you always!!

Sister Fuller

First christmas lights of the year (I'm a dork)

Christmas lights on a palm tree!

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