Monday, November 4, 2013

Verão chegou!!!!

Oi, família!!! 

Karalee said it snowed there. How lovely...haha. This week was calooooor. Muito muito quente. I'm turning brown like Karalee in the summer time. 

We had a great week in Cerquilho! Unfortunately, Junior was not baptized...he had work. Bummer. But he really, really wants to get baptized. We just have to either baptize him in the middle of the night, or...pray more. So we're praying for a miracle! 

We had a lot of work this week. We had the goal of finding 20 new investigators (we really needed to build our teaching pool!) and we DID IT!!! So this coming week, we're going to work a lot with the new people we're teaching to help them to come to church, and mark dates for baptism. It was neat seeing the different ways we found each person--contacts on the street, referrals from contacts on the street, names in the Area Book, referrals from members, referrals from people we visited, (we ask for a lot of referrals. All you really need is a name and an excuse, and people are a lot more willing to talk to you!) talking to families outside their houses, and my favorite--basic contact and the asking to come in and sing a hymn for them. Everyone likes to hear hymns! I like to sing hymns! So it works really well, and invites the Spirit, and then we can start teaching. 

I know that there's a pretty good chance that the people don't really understand what we're saying in our horrific american accents. But that's the beauty of the Gospel--every person that has the desire has the opportunity to know for themselves. Each of us are entitled to our own spiritual experience. If these people believe even that God could have called a prophet in this modern age, that the Book of Mormoncould be true, then that's the start--they just have to pray, believing God will answer their prayers, and they'll know. I just have to teach by the Spirit, and the Spirit will carry our message into their hearts. 

So this week I'm finishing 12 week training--again. And I still feel like I have a million things I need to learn! But I know the Lord is with me, I know this is His work. And I love you all!!!  

Until next week :) 

Sister Fuller

random owl that's always outside the chapel in Tatuí

us with Juliana...awkward selfie :)

Happy Halloween! (When you have two americans serving together....why not?)

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