Monday, October 28, 2013

Real Life?

Oiiiii :) 

Então. First--Junior almost got baptized yesterday. Want to know why not? Go ahead, guess. 


Nope! Haha OUR BAPTISMAL FONT BROKE. I swear, I have the most random things happen in my life. 

Normally, our baptismal font takes 2 hours to fill up, and has to be done exactly before or the water leaks out. The baptism was scheduled for Sunday morning at 7:30, because it was the only time that both Junior and Edson didn't have work and we wanted Edson to have the opportunity to baptize his son. So we woke up early, started filling the font, and left. We came back 1 hour and 15 minutes later--and one of the sides of the font had snapped and given way, flooding the entire sacrement meeting room with 4 inches of water!!! So we frantically called Irmão Celio, and started trying to get all the water out....I have no idea if these things happen in real life, or just to me. Please, for your entertainment, picture this for a second--Sister Garner and I barefoot in the chapel, hiking up our skirts and trying to scoop up buckets of water...and getting soaked in the meantime! The picture is from when they were emptying the rest of the water from the font--S. Garner, Junior, and Edson. Nossa. 

No worries, the baptism is rescheduled for next week in Tatuí. Junior was a little disappointed since it was pretty much a miracle to have work off, but he's still super animated and ready to go! 

This week we had a special meeting in Sorocaba. The Church Missionary Department is implementing this new program for stress management, and the meeting was to introduce it. It was really good! First, before I forget, I remembered how to get from the...bus stop? (I don't know what it's called in English) to the chapel all by myself!!! It's a walk of 45 minutes, and I'd only been there twice before, so I was pretty proud of myself. Haha. Another thing that I'm proud of myself for is that I'm talking on the phone every day now, like a pro! Woohoo!! Someone had to do it, and so I learned how. And I'm really, really proud of myself because it's a lot harder to understand people than when we're speaking in person! 

Anyway, the meeting was great. It was only a week after the emergency transfers, and everyone wasshocked to see S. Garner and I together. ("It's reallly just the two of you? Wait, are you sure you're not a trio?" Yup, I'm sure!!) Don't get me wrong, S. Garner and I think it's hilarious too, but we're not worried. We know the work is divine, and that the Lord makes up the difference. We just need to be worthy of the incredible power and authority we have because of our calling, and the Lord will consecrate our humble efforts. It's like life in general--it's always going to be hard, but I'll only feel stressed when my demands are greater than my resources. Well I know what resources I have---the entire array of the blessings of the restored gospel in my life! My Savior, the covenants that I've made that qualify me for His divine assistance, personal prayer. The scriptures, the sacrament, the joy of service, my leaders, the guidance of a living prophet! "Fear not, I am with thee; oh be not dismayed. For I am thy God and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand; upheld by thy righteous, omnipotent hand." How can I doubt when I know the Lord is with me? I know my trials are only "a small moment" and that I'll come out stronger, so I'll face them with a smile. Like President Monson said in General Conference--we become stronger when we face our challenges and trials with faith and joy. We will overcome them, and we will become spiritually refined. I'll become the person the Lord needs me to be because of the way I'll react to the experiences I'm having now! 

My first day with S. Garner in Cerquilho, I read Helaman 3:35 in my personal study. I felt the Spirit testify to me that this was it--not withstanding the challenges that face me, if I react with "much fasting and prayer" I'll grow stronger every day in my faith and my humility,and my heart will be sanctified and pure. (awkward moment when I only have the scripture memorized in portuguese!)

So we're just trying to trust in the Lord, and show that we have faith by doing all that's in our power! Like I said, it's kind of funny sometimes. I think it's awesome that one day I'll be able to say  "when was a missionary, it was just two americans, barely knowing anything about the language!" (feel free to read that in your best old lady voice). We have our extremely giggly moments, and we think we're kind of hilarious, but it is so much fun. I just feel like we have a really healthy relationship, and that we're growing a lot together. And after the third time serving together, we're pretty certain we're going to be friends for life! 

President Martins said something interesting the other day. He said that the greatest joys of your mission, you'll experience after  your mission. I wonder what that'll be? When I think of how much I've learned the past 6+ months, and the experiences I've had, and think forward to the future--what people I'll meet in the next year, what other conversions I'll get to witness--it makes the time seem so much shorter! And it's exciting, knowing that these people and experiences are "waiting" for me. If I do all I can to gurantee I'm a part of it. Like someone said in the MTC, if I wasn't a part of it, the work of the Lord would still go on. But what would become of me? 

Thanks for all of your love. I think of my family often, and am gaining a greater appreciation for the blessings we share every day! Please always do everthing you can to be strong in the gospel, to share it with others. 

As normal, I'm out of time. But I love you!!! Until next week, 

Sister Fuller

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