Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Dear everyone, 

I hope you've had a great week! This week was transfer week here in Brazil...which means last district meeting with our awesome zone. Sad. But Sister Garner and I are staying in Cerquilho another 6 weeks! 

The most notable thing that's happened is that this week, we've been without water in our house. There was a little confusion because our area switched from being in the São Paulo Interlogos mission to the São Paulo North mission, and they forgot to pay our water it was cut. No water=no shower, toilet, sink, nada. No washing dishes, no doing laundry, brushing your really can't do much!  We have to go somewhere else to do it all. The first day, we rolled out of bed, threw on our skirts, and hiked the 30 minutes up to our Branch President's house to take a shower. (It's the only house we're allowed to go to...our branch is pretty tiny, and they're the only ones that met all the requirements). And it felt soo good to be clean again! Then it was up to Sister Fuller to talk to the water company and rectify the situation. Yeah, me. Whaaaat. So I basically just did a basic street contact--who we are, who sent us, why we're here--to explain why we had this problem, and then he felt bad for me and tried to help. (I really only speak Portuguese when it's about the gospel). Sister Garner and I payed for the last 3 months that hadn't been paid, and they promised to reconnect our water that day. They didn't. 

This continued the whole week, and now I'm buddies with Roberto, the water guy. Except he's not a very good friend, because we still don't have water! Just kidding, it's not his fault. I found out today that they reconnected it, and then broke our pipe on accident. So now we have water...but can't use it. Baaaaah. We've been going to the church now, and filling up buckets of water, and using that to take showers. The picture is from the first day at home, and all the water we had left...I had sweat a lot that day and REALLY wanted to wash my hair, so I did. Sister Garner thought it was funny and took a picture! 

Other exciting news is that I finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the first time! 

Hold on, I only have 10 minutes to answer the questions you sent me. If I have more time I'll write more...if not, sorry I only talked about water. Haha. 

Love you!!

Sister Fuller

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