Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dearest family and friends, 

Another week in Cerquilho. Not much changed...just kidding! 

Wednesday morning, President Martins called and talked to Sister Dutra for a while, and then she passed the phone to me. 

"Sister Fuller. How are you feeling as a full time missionary? Are you ready for 'prime time'?"

There was an emergency transfer and Sister Dutra needed to go take the place of another Sister in Jangira. And all he told me was that he would come later today with my new companion--who is also American--and that I would be Senior. Gulp!
Aaaaand then my companion arrived, and she's super awesome. She's from Mesa Arizona, she comes from a big family--oh yeah, it's Sister Garner! Woohoo!!!! (we're going to be together forever) We are having SO MUCH FUN! I love being a missionary. I also love Sister Garner. And Cerquilho, and Brazil, and pretty much just everything about my life right now! 

What's really neat about this is that President Martins didn't know (or remember) that we had already been companions (twice). Only Heavenly Father, and com certeza, He knows what He's doing! 

Another amazing, wonderful thing that happened this week....IVANI WAS BAPTIZED!! In case you don't remember, Ivani is the wife of our ward mission leader. We've been teaching her since our first day her in Cerquilho, and she's been investigating the church for years. But we really love her, and the time was right...and she finally accepted to get baptized! And it was so beautiful. She made me give the talk at the baptism, but it was so worth the nerves. As I was talking, she just started crying, tears pouring down her face. Oh, Ivani!! Irmão Celio's already talking about preparing for the temple now. Families can  be together forever--through Heavenly Father's plan. I know that this is true, and I love being a missionary. I love helping families to become more whole, more united. I love seeing the change the gospel brings to the lives of these people! 

Juliana's doing WONDERFUL. She asked if she can come out with us to visit other people one day every week, and is sharing the gospel with all of her friends. She has a "Gospel Principles" book and was studying baptism and the gift of the holy ghost, and had questions about what she read--deep, soul searching questions. She's changed. I love her... :) She also already paid tithing--something that was hard for her to accept before her baptism. 

Got to go...Love you all so much!! 

Sister Fuller

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