Monday, September 15, 2014

What's the word...figures!

Hey, Family!

I asked Sister C. Silva (she was sitting next to me) what the subject line of my email should be. She said, "Tell them about how all the missionaries from the interior (the country part away from the capital) will go to the Campinas Temple now!"

So, I will. It's true. They will! October 7th. 

It's all good, I'll go before that. Just not with the mission. Pois é!! 

This week was great! We had 20 investigators at church between our two companionships, and it was the second week that they had to set up chairs for overflow. This ward is going to split!!!!! We're getting there!!! 

Incredibly, everyone I told you about last week except for Elaine are still progressing. Elaine's reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and she took her daughter to the primary activity, but she didn't go to church--so yes, she's still doing well, too! Mirailde and Erick will be baptized this week--prayers welcomed--and are soooo excited. And adorable. We love them! Angelica and Luan are wonderful. He wrote a song! Using the Gospel Principles manual for ideas for the lyrics!! And it's actually really good!! Haha. I love it. We passed by yesterday and before he even left the house and yelled out to us, "I haven't smoked since yesterday!!!" He was very proud of himself. I love this family!

Maria Silva and her family went to church as well (Except for the husband and the oldest siblings) and are really progressing now. Wilson (13 years old) went to the YM activity this week, and loved it. The YM will have a big part in helping him. 

Maria and José, another couple we're teaching, also went to church! They loved it. I love teaching families. :) Tiago, their 7 year old son, had the fanciest clothes of all the boys in the Primary. Haha. :) 

We're working really hard to help these people that we have to progress! As always, prayers welcomed...

Other than all of this, we had 2 exchanges back to back this week, and I ended up away from our area both days. I came back and felt...very strange. It was a "long time" to be away! 

Just a little tidbit--Claudio missed the bus yesterday, so he walked to church. Awwwwwwww. :) I love him!!! 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Sister Fuller

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