Monday, September 8, 2014

Someone was praying extra for us this week!

Dear Family, 

Thank you for your prayers!!! This week was incredible. And the kind of incredible that continued on to Sunday, which is better yet! We had 8 of our investigators at church, and even more that just visited! It was wonderful. And it's just going to keep getting better from here! 

It was also fast and testimony meeting--3 of our investigators got up and shared their testimonies!! Woohoo!! You guys remember the last time that happened, right? It was Cleusa, and then she was baptized! 

I'm going to just give a little bio about each group of these people...

Mirailde and Erick
You'll laugh about this one. We found them because...their dogs were wearing ties and I thought it was funny and I wanted a picture. Yup. But seriously, they're two lhasas (like Sadie! But ugly) and they had ties! What is this right? I was going to be speedy and taking a picture, but then Erick  (fyi, that's prounced Erick-ey in portuguese) ran outside the house and I quickly put the camera back in my bag. Erick is 8 years old. He looked at us, thought for a minute, and then asked us; "Do you want to come in?" Haha. So we asked if his mom was there, and she was busy, so we said we'd come back another day! 

Well, we did, and we started teaching them. Actually, she's his grandma, but he lives with her. She's Brazilian, but they were living in Japan up until 4 months ago. He looks like a little Japanese boy. With dimples. Cute! 

She was Buddhist for 27 years, but recently felt the desire to look for something more. She's devouring the Book of Mormon and learning about Christ, and has a lot of real desire to change! They came to church and LOVED it! Erick bore his testimony. SO CUTE! "I like Jesus, and I like to learn about Him. One day, I want to see Him. And I like Jesus, because He helps us. And He is good for our health. And I love Him, and I like to see the light of God." Bahaha. Cute. Everyone loved it. 

Elaine was a referral from Maria Silva, another investigator. (have I talked about her?) She's her next door neighbor. Maria and her family are really progressing and she wants to be baptized...but she needs to be married and her husband doesn't want to. Booo. :( Anyway, Elaine is their next door neighbor. She has a 6 year old daughter that is besties with Camila, who LOVES US. So we became super popular with Marcella as well! (Marcella is Elaine's daughter) We taught her on Saturday, and she came to church on Sunday! Woohoo!!! She already marked to come back and to bring Marcella to the Primary'll be good! 

Angelica, Luan, and Beatryz
Angelica and Luan are a young couple. Beatryz is Angelica's 8 year old daughter. She also has a 2 year old, Julia. Suuuuper cute! They were also a, actually do you know how this started? We saw a woman with a bed on the street, and learned they would try to bring it to their house . It was an old lady and a kid, so yes, we helped. Then we taught them for a while, but they didn't progress very much, but she gave us the referral that was....Angelica! What's the moral of the story here? Always help old ladies carry beds. 

Angelica and Luan want to change their lives. Luan was born and raised in downtown São Paulo...not a pretty picture. And--as he told the entire ward when he bore his testimony, so I don't think he'll have a problem with me telling you--he has many problems with drugs. But he wants to change! So they came to church!! Woohoo!! Fun fact. Guess what he does for a living? He sings funk. Google that. It's a style of music here that is...bad. But he wants to change that, too! Yay!

We were just passing by her house and felt we should try there. So we did. And she let us in, and we found out she had already been to church, 5 years ago! Another day we taught a group of teenage girls on the street, and marked their addresses to visit their families another day. We were going to visit one of them and we realized...wait a second! We know this address! It turned out that we had found Afife's granddaughter! She was waiting for us there, super excited. Waaaahooo!!! She just didn't come to church because she had a dance recital. Or something like that. But Afife came!!! 

So yes, I'm feeling very blessed these days. All of these people accepted baptismal dates, and are going to need a lot of prayers. But oh, how we are excited for them!!! 

Love you all! I have something special to share--Mariana wrote up her testimony/conversion story, and we translated it. I'll try typing it really quick!

Sister Fuller

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