Monday, September 22, 2014

A guerra é real!

Dear Family, 

Unfortunately, the world went a little crazy this week.  And I don't really want to explain it all, but it all boils down to..."We wage no common war, cope with no common foe, the enemy's awake..." (The words are more appropriate for this in portuguese) So yes, we were little sad when sad things happened. Haha, descriptive right? But "we're going on to win" and "the Lord of Hosts is ours",  so we know it'll all work out!!! It's just that more than ever before, I'm feeling real and pure love for these people that we're teaching. So I worry more than ever now. Oops. And they are progressing, a lot of them, it's just that it's becoming so difficult for them! Mirailde for example. Everything that could possibly have gone wrong went wrong this week, even the small things like the dog running away! We know she will be a great leader in the future, and Satan does too...and he's not leaving her alone. :( 

Here's an almost funny one--Elaine looooooves the church. A lot. But she needs to get married before she can be baptized...tudo bem, right? Just that there's a little complication. Her husband weighs 300 kilos (so...650+ lbs) and can't leave the house!! So the complication do you get married if you can't go to the law office? Cartório to go? 

You'll be happy to know that Afife stopped drinking coffee (she thought that was absurd the first time we explained it) and is trying to keep all of the commandments! She's taking big steps now! Just a few complications...yeah. Moving on. 

Luan wants to perform at the talent show on Saturday! Yay! I actually think it'd be really good for him, I hope he does. Angelica walked all the way up to the church, then felt bad when she got to the gate and went home. Nooooo!!! She got there very late, so we were already inside and weren't there to help her. So sad! 

Claudio is doing well! I sure do love him. And speaking of adorable old men who were recently baptized, do you guys remember Bernabé? I found out this week that he was called to be the Young Men's secretary in Mont Serrat! Awwww!!!!! Vania and her girls, Sergio, and Mariana are also doing great. Yay :) We found out that Sergio's sister wants to be baptized! She came to the baptism, and then starting with the day of the confirmation, went to church every Sunday since. The day of the baptism she "warned us" when she wrote down her address that she already had a religion, but would accept the Elders. Go spirit, go spirit, go spirit GO!! Claudio also passed his first referral, you'll be happy to know! And a couple of weeks ago Sergio received the priesthood!

Well, this week we will exercise every bit of faith we have to see the miracles the Lord has prepared for our irmãos here...we're looking forward to seeing what's in store! 

Love you all!

Sister Fuller

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