Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Feliz dia dos Pais!!

Dear Family, 

I've decided I may be a little...horrible...and that I may have forgotten to say happy father's day on the american one. Well, yesterday was Dia dos Pais aqui no Brasil, soooo....I thought I'd send a very, very happy father's day to my very, very wonderful father!! I love you Dad! Thanks for all you do! 

Luckily, I do have the calender Mom sent me, so I don't really have excuses to miss anything. Like your anniversary! I promise I didn't forget--I was with Sister Garner on the 5th and I even commented about it! (Side note: she's excited to meet you! Because she realized she'd meet you on our last day here...and I realized she hadn't met you yet. Haha. I hope you're ok with the fact that you now have three daughters!) Hey, exciting news! This week I was companions with Sister Garner for a day! It was wonderful, actually. Words don't describe how much I love her! 

Time really is flying by these days, it's crazy. Transfers are next Tuesday! We'll be finishing up this one with another 2+ exchanges, a zone service project (this is NEW, our mission didn't do this before!), and Mariana's baptism!! 

This week I had a lot of opportunities to serve as a Sister Training Leader, and I loved it! We had a lot of contact with our Sisters, and two exchanges. It's so wonderful to be able to pass what I've learned because of my experiences on the mission. I've learned a lot about how to deal with stress, how to work diligently, about prayer...lots of things like that, and also things like teaching techniques, planning methods, etc. Lest you think that came easy...let me assure you, it did not! But I LOVE everything I learned, and I know how important these things are! It is so incredibly satisfying to be able to know how to help one of our Sisters because of something I've already passed through. Also, if I can help them learn what I have without it being quite as hard, that's great too! Sister Vaughn always says that we're only successful in serving other missionaries if we manage to pass all we've learned to those around us. Anyway, what I'd like to say is...I love being able to help. I love feeling the Lord use me to bless others, both investigators and missionaries! :)

Mariana is doing wonderfully! She's announcing her baptism to her family, friends, neighbors, anyone she talks to....she'll be a great missionary! She's so excited. She also figured out how to download the Gospel Library Ap, and is really excited about all the books she has now. Maybe a little more excited that she doesn't need to carry everything with her! She is INCREDIBLE, and the gospel is blessing her! Do you remember the scripture that says, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you"? She's cashing in on that promise. (Is that even an expression? Sometimes I really doubt my English skills) She's just glowing, more and more each day! Just imagine how she'll be after her baptism! 

We also had a family come to church, so we are counting our blessings! The mom was embarrassed because she didn't have good shoes for her children to use, just flip flops. But Sister Ward told her, "God doesn't worry about what shoes we put on our feet--He only worries about where our feet are going." (Yeah, you can put that on your wall! Or Pintrest. I liked it!) Anyway, this faithful mother gathered her children--9, 7, 5, 1 and was waiting outside their house for us when we walked by to pick them up. Very special. :) 

Well, I should go. Thanks for all you do for me, family. I sure do love you guys! 

Sister Fuller

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