Monday, February 10, 2014

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!!

And all around me too. Cause it's dang hot. I have a hard time comprehending what it means that you guys are feeling cold...

So this week was great! Well, really eventful. No, it was great. Haha. So Tuesday was a good work day, and literally all of our appointments fell through...but ALL of their neighbors were home! It was really cool. I loved it. Then Wednesday, we had Multi-Zone Conference in Sorocaba. It was fun to see Sister Vaughn for the first time in 6 months, and it was so wonderful to feel the Spirit that's there when it's so many missionaries together. I love our conferences! It did last ridiculously long though, and by the time we made it back to Salto, we only had time for one appointment before going home and collapsing into bed...only to be woken up a few hours later. Yup. I got sick. Haha so I got the flu, and spent all night and Thursday in the bathroom. And then Sister Cristoffersen got it! Aaaah! Horrible. I need to learn not to shareeverything with my companion. But it was kind of hilarious, and good bonding time. But that lasted until Friday night, so we lost quite a bit of time this week. :( But the Lord understood, and He really blessed us! Saturday and Sunday were full of appointments, and we had several miracles that lead us to finding new people to teach! Just little things, guiding us, and thoughts of where to go...and getting there, and finding a person that maybe we weren't expecting that's totally prepared to receive the gospel! So very special! So Saturday was busy and happy, and lots and lots of sitting down and teaching (which is what our bodies needed). One investigator even gave us bus passes, so we ended up barely walking at all! And Saturday night, we passed by the church really quick for Thiago's wedding reception! Yeah, Thiago and Leide got married!!!! Ahhh!!!! I'm so happy for them. And they already are saying they're going to get sealed Dec 28, 2014. (one year exactly after his baptism). In their wedding slideshow, it had all pictures of his baptism...really, I'm so happy for them. Soooo happy. 

Sunday was also great! I love working with Sister Cristoffersen, because she also really just loves to work. So we work hard, and we try to talk with everyone, and never waste a second. I know this time is so special, and that it'll pass by so fast. I'm determined  to make every moment count! 

Fun detail. We saw capiveras (no idea how to spell it. Crazy pig looking animal that eat dogs and cats and stuff!) swimming across the river! They're the kind of animal I kind of picture Ammon herding...I don't really know why. But it was COOL!

I love you all, and hope you have a great week! 

Sister Fuller

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