Monday, September 9, 2013

"Scatter Sunshine, all along the way...."

Oi, Família! Todo bem?!

This week was awesome. Most notably, my portuguese is improving!! Haha. There's still a loooong way to go, but I've been able to express myself a lot better this week. Jeissy said, "Wow Sister, you're speaking a lot!" after one of our lessons and it totally made my night---she's one of the people that had a hard time understanding me at the beginning. :) 

Buuuut...honest and truly, this is the work of the Lord. This week was wonderful :) I had my first "Thisbee moment"--my great, great, great, great grandma, right? There's the story when they were traveling to Utah and they were pushing the handcart downhill, and her sister said to their mother, "wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go downhill all the way to Zion and you could ride on the cart like a queen?" (or something like that) And with the wisdom that only mother's have, Elizabeth taught her girls about how the hard times in our life teach us to appreciate the good. Opposition in all things, all that jazz :) Well, Tuesday was our mountain, and Wednesday was the most glorious "ride downhill" ever! 

Wednesday, nearly all of our appointments went as scheduled, and we taught more lessons than we ever have in Cerquilho. What's more, each of these lessons were just charged with the Spirit, and we could see the difference that the gospel was making in the lives of our investigators! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! 

Lucia, who came to church last week, was really worried about how her "husband" (no one's actually married here...yet!) would respond to her interest. And on Wednesday, we were finally able to sit down and talk to him! We taught the whole family the Restoration again, and it was so cool--almost like having a lesson with a member. Lucia and Thassiane were there saying, "Yes, I believe that this the true church of Jesus Christ" and "I believe the Book of Mormon is the word of God" and all sorts of wonderful comments. BEAUTIFUL! And José looooved it. He accepted the invitation to be baptized, and Lucia leaned over and playfully shook him saying, "but first we need to get married!" Ahahaha. Looove this family. What's more, for whatever reason he likes my accent! "I like it when she talks. I think it sounds beautiful when she talks." Whaaat? I'll take it :) And every time we visit them (we've been back since) he'll say at least twice that he likes us, and is glad that we're teaching his family. 


So their family is amazing...but they didn't come to church on Sunday. We'll find out why tomorrow, but I'm not too worried. They're doing so great!

Also, Jeissy really progressed this week! We have a baptismal date with her and she's really starting to want it for herself. Her prayers are the sweetest things ever, and she's so sincere in her desire to find the truth. She told us, "I don't know why I feel so much more open with you! I feel like I can tell you Sisters anything, you know? I'm not like this with other people. But you're really helping, so thank you." She is SOOO sweet. Love, love, love her! Also, random tidbit--after our first lesson with her I told Sister Dutra I knew she'd get baptized...because she's my 15 year old girl here in Cerquilho. And apparently, I always have baptisms for 15 year old girls :) Haha

Whew, no time. But I'm doing wonderfully...I love this area, it's beautiful. I realized on Sunday that I know the names of all the members in the branch--perks of having less people! But I really feel like I'm starting to settle into being a real missionary here in Cerquilho, and not just the american/quiet companion. It's really good. I've also just learned a ton this week, and have had really great studies. The scriptures have all the answers that we need--how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn from them each day!! The Lord has given us everything we need to be successful--I know that He sent us here to this life to succeed, not to fail. He loves us, He has a plan for us.  :) And I love you all!!! 

Até mais!
Sister Fuller

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