Monday, June 24, 2013

Hand written letter sent home

17 de Junho, 2013

Dear Family,

Crazy day!  I’m so sorry!   The library was crazy busy so we couldn’t stay on for very long, and then we had to grocery shop and do laundry and drive to Bartlesville so Sister Cook could buy summer clothes.

I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was meeting with the member referral I told you about before-her name’s Karen, and she brings her sons to our lessons.  They’re 12 & 14.  She’s so willing to meet with us, and while she doesn’t have the desire/testimony to be baptized yet, she’s willing to try to get there.  And not only did they come to church, but she brought her friend and her two boys! Their families are both living at Karen’s house right now.

Other than that, we’ve met a whole ton of people that were just OTMs-“open thy mouth”/”Oklahoma Tulsa mission”/”it stands for everything”.  Basically, people you contact on the street!  It was exciting, sometimes you’re just like “wow, I can’t believe that person actually listened” and who know what’ll come of it…

We’re on our way in just a bit to meet with the family we’ve taught before.  Man, I wish I could understand Spanish.  They’re doing so great though…I think.  The kids speak English and the mom actually speaks a language I can’t spell (or pronounce) that’s native to Guatemala.  Dad?  Help me out?  I don’t really get how they all understand each other.  But the kids are super stars!  The 11 year old girl read the first chapter of so in the Book of Mormon and told us in precise detail what happened in Chapter 1.  “Someone was born of goodly parents, and he had a record, and he said he made it himself…”  She’s so smart J.  She and her brother are actually leaving this week for a “quizzing” tournament-some church they’ve been going to has this tournament/quiz bowl type thing, and it’s all about the Book of Acts.  And so they’re going to Indianapolis and St. Louis.  She’s super excited because they’re going to go in the Arch and visit the museum.  I wonder which one that means… I’ll have to ask.  Anyway, it was awesome because in our lesson when we talked about repentance, I was like, “there’s a good example of someone who repented and changed his life in Acts.  Do you remember who that is?” And then they told the story of Saul/Paul better than I could.  Best ever!  So I think they really got it!  And the Dad too!  Great discussions.  Seriously, thank heavens for Spanish speaking members.

The other fun thing is that it’s firefly season!  It’s Sister Cook’s first time seeing them and she’s fascinated by how ugly they are up close…I think it’s hilarious.  Oh, I love Sister Cook!

Being in Bartelsville today was funny!  We kept running into LDS people who’d be all excited to see us.  I haven’t had that reaction before…usually people cross the street when they see us.  This is better!  We had a fun time.  Still, who’d have thought there’d be so many Mormons in Bartlesville?!

The other noteworthy thing this week was that we had exchanges.  Sister Magness, the Sister Traiing Leader for the Tulsa & Tulsa East Zones, came up to Coffeyville and stayed with Sister Cook for 24 hours and they sent me to Clairmore, OK to be with her companion.  It was actually kind of sad/scary for whatever reason, but it ended up being a really great thing.  Sister Thatcher (her companion) is the best…she reminds me a lot of Brooklyn, actually.  It made me just want to hug her all the time. J  Unfortunately, the exchange and all of the new-ness of it made my brain start thinking about how we’re halfway through the transfer now, and I have no idea what the future holds for me.  To stay sane, I really need to keep a super narrow vision, blinders on.  One day at a time-sometimes one hour, or one lesson.  And thinking about how uncertain my future is, is scary! (No, I don’t know anything about my Visa.  Neither does President Shumway, sorry).  But when I decided I’d give the Lord 18 months of my life, that wasn’t contingent on a location.  “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord!”  I have to mean that, and truly internalize it, and have the faith to surrender all of my worries to Him.  And boy, is that hard!  But for those moments when I do, I feel at peace.  And that’s when I know I’m learning to trust.

Hope, faith, trust.  And pixie dust. J

I know this is my Heavenly Father’s plan for me.  That somehow, I’m supposed to help somebody or learn something here in Kansas.  I don’t know what.  It’s hard to imagine that it’s even possible sometimes.  But I know He wants me right here, right now.  The Lord prepared me for this mission, and I know I was led by Him to put in my papers when I did.  The Lord knew I wouldn’t get my Visa!  And just like He put the planets in perfect orbit of each other and clothes the lilies of the fields, He is mindful of me, and loves me.  In my interview with President after Zone meeting, he told me that he can see me more clearly than I could see myself, which I thought was interesting since we met 3 weeks ago!  But the, for a minute I saw what he meant and I could see myself through his eyes.

The Lord knows I’m trying.  And hard as that may be, yer-I am trying!  I’m doing my very, very best.  I think.  How-that’s my big question right now, I guess. .. how to know when my best is my best.  I’ve found a couple of things that have helped: “Preach My Gospel” p. 10-11, Lorenzo Snow Chapter 6 I think…) and Brad Wilcox’s “His Grace is Sufficient.”  Good reads!  Definitely, that is one of my greatest frustrations. 

Well, sorry to end like that, but I’m out of time.  I love you all so much.  I have the greatest family. J

Love, Sister Rachael Fuller

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