Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My dear, wonderful family!
Oh boy, is it good to hear from you. This week was a rollar coaster! But lots of really, really high points. We just were able to meet a lot more people, and see a little more progress! We soared past our weekly goals, so that felt really good. We have a few investigators and families who are really wanting to learn more, and it makes me so happy! We've also formed some meaningful relationships with ward members, and that's awesome. Sorry, I think I wasted time trying to send pictures. Also, sometimes I just sit at the computer and my mind goes blank. Really, this is the saddest email ever, but the computer's telling me I only have a few minutes, and the nice man who gives us extra time isn't here today. Yikes! I guess I need to go, they're yelling at us. Aaaah.
Well, I hope by now you've heard of the "Work of Salvation" broadcast!! It's supposed to be HUGE and super important--so make sure you do everything you can to be there! (By which I mean be at your stake center to watch it!) Sister Cook and I are so excited. I can't believe it's already this Sunday!
I love you so very, very much and I'll make sure I do a handwritten letter home.
I just gave all of you a HUGE hug from Kansas, okay? :)
Sister Fuller
The turtle we saved!
The Tulsa Zone! (I'm not sitting by Sister Cook for some reason...)
The bathroom...
The kitchen 
Starting the tour of our apartment--walking through the front door/bedroom/living room/ironing room

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