Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I love you!!!!

Dear everyone, 

Hello! Sorry, I don't have much time to write today. This week was crazy...again. Haha. It amazes me how similar the experience of working in Cerquilho is to Coffeyville. The process of getting started is the same (and different) wherever you are. Without an established teaching pool, a lot of what we're doing is searching for those who are prepared to accept the gospel. Casting our nets for all of the fish, and having to throw back the ones that aren't ready (yet!). We just have to have the faith that as we talk to everyone we can, we'll find those the Lord needs us to. I know that all of the people here are beloved sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father--and He wants to give them all of the blessings of the gospel. He'll labor with us and we do all we can! It's comforting to think of that, and know that my limited language abilities won't hinder anyone from accepting the gospel so long as I can teach by and with the Spirit. It makes it so important to always strive to be worthy of it! Anyway, we've taught a lot of Restoration lessons, so I'm getting better at explaining it...which is perfect, because that's what this week's training application is for! I'm getting the slightest bit better at street contacts, and I even talked on the phone yesterday. (gulp) It was TERRIFYING. Haha Sister Dutra was in the bathroom...thankfully, it was Jeissy (a 15 year old girl we're teaching) and she already knows me so she knew she had to speak slower :)

We had our first district meeting this week! And guess what--my District Leader is the brother of one of my friends from BYU, from Heber UT!! Cool, huh? (Mom, Lizzy's brother. She was the 1st counselor in the RS, so we worked a lot together. She's on her mission in the North Adriatic right now) 
That day after district meeting we had interviews with President Martins, and then I had to drive down to São Paulo with him and Sister Martins to go to the Federal Police thingy. Something about my visa...making sure I had permission to stay in the country now that I'm here. Bah. But it was really fun! I got to spend even more time with them (seriously, I'm so spoiled!) and it was so fun to talk to and spend time with other missionaries. 

Out of time--random things I've learned:
There is a right way and a wrong way to eat an orange. Americans do it wrong....and if you try to peel it and eat it by slices, you will be laughed at!
Brazilians think American accents are hilarious :)
There are 2 unplanned key changes in every hymn. Also, don't sing the harmony or everyone will stare at you! (But boy do Brazilians love to sing! Loudly, without holding anything back. It's awesome)

I love you!!!!! 

Sister Fuller

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